How to choose a coach

Choosing a coach can be a difficult process, especially when we do not have any recommendations or know anyone in this business. But this should not scare us, as it is very similar for many other branches of activity.

Therefore, I compiled a few tips & tricks that you may find useful in making this task a little easier:

  • Make your contact list work for you: do you know someone who might know someone who might know a coach? I recommend you start here.
  • Google for it. The most important criterion you want to look for is whether that coach is ICF accredited. ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation will guarantee a quality standard that you will definitely want to have.
  • Do not start this journey with too many biases. For example: you might want to work with a woman/man, you might want a coach with certain experience in the field x/y/z etc. You might be very pleasantly surprised if you enlarge the circle and let in more potential “candidates”.
  • Ask for demo sessions from various coaches. It is only natural that you receive positive answers.
  • After the demo sessions, choose the coach who challenged you and made you work the hardest. In this way you will know for sure that you will work in between the sessions (most important), with greater chances to find solutions soon enough. Do not fear homework.
  • Choose the coach who challenges you and does not let you bask in your old ways of doing things. Work with the coach who will not accept your excuses for not doing what you committed yourself to because that coach wants you to succeed in what you set out to accomplish. You may not love this coach from the start, quite the contrary. But I assure you that you will have fabulous results if you work with a coach like that. Sometimes you might say: “well, there is no chemistry between us”. Sometimes it is just too much comfort that we seek...our comfort.