Who I am

What is the purpose?

I have been a personal & professional development trainer since 2002. The thing I like the most in training is a good debrief - when we look at an experience and see what’s inside that experience that can teach us something about ourselves. And then there comes the moment when people say: “I want to change this in the future.” And I ask them why. What is your purpose? What are you doing it for? My approach in coaching is similar: I like to have clarity regarding your purpose and come back to this purpose almost stubbornly when I see you might lose sight of it.
Și în coaching lucrez cu claritate pe scop și revin la el cu încăpățânare atunci când se pierde din vedere.

Optimism - ideas - results

I have been an entrepreneur since 2007. I have created Trainart - a boutique for personal and professional development training. This role has come with many lessons throughout the years. Among these, the top 3 I also use in coaching:
• maintain an optimistic attitude and perspective
• think creatively when others don't
• don't lose sight of the results


People who know me say that I am a frank person with a straightforward approach. I don’t like and don’t know how to waste time with pleasantries, especially when it comes to reaching a certain goal. Some might say that I lack tact. I would say that I am tactful when necessary and I am straightforward when the situation calls for it. But I will let you be the judge of that after you work with me.

Everything is relative

Nobody holds the absolute truth and justice. I think this is also a big part of the beauty of life. Therefore, I do not have the perfect solution for anything but I can offer you different perspectives on a problem or topic. I judge everything in context and I do not pretend to be the perfect-solution-for-you coach. I only know how to maintain direction and cut out the thick brushes when it gets too dark.


I never take myself too seriously and do my best to occasionally administer myself a good dose of self-irony. Why? Because it does not let me become too soft and mellow, because it keeps me alive and it is the best antidote for vanity.
It is not rare that, through humour, people will more easily and willingly accept or discover otherwise painful truths. Therefore, humour holds a special place in my coaching.

My approach

Ever since 2011, when I first started to practice coaching, I have explored several directions in order to see what is a best fit for me and in what areas I might have a greater impact. Today, in 2021, I can say that my coaching approach is an integrative one and has the HUMAN BEING in the center.
The HUMAN BEING with its personal and professional life, dilemmas, blockages, problems, questions, concerns and wishes.

I have had the honour to work with extraordinary people who wanted to change something in their personal lives, or to shed more light onto a certain business area or to have more clarity in their executive roles which bring along a lot of pressure or … all of the above and some more.

Thus, in my work, sometimes we focus on life coaching, sometimes on business coaching but they always intertwine. Why? Because any challenge in our professional life reflects at least a bit of our personal life, of our way of being. And in order to have real solutions to our professional challenges, I have discovered that we cannot ignore the personal area.

In short, I work with the HUMAN BEING here and now. Like in a tennis match, we focus on one shot at a time.

In what we do together, you will not see the separation between life, business and executive coaching. Instead you will feel we are fully working HERE and NOW on your objectives, being 100% present.

My clients' voice

I recommend Adriana with great confidence. Although the "patient" in question is not exactly one that is easy to work with, and the operation being on the brain is a complex and complicated one, Adriana manages to determine you to ask questions that you would not have imagined you would ask yourself. You will become aware of things you do well without knowing it and you will end up making your own list of things you want to improve. Plus her personality "makes all the money."

Andrei StănescuChief Commercial Officer, VIVRE

Adriana helped me become aware of the weaknesses in the interactions with teammates and, through a structured approach, guided me in managing them more efficiently, and the return was revealing. For the way she helped me identify the aspects to be improved and for the results I obtained at the level of team evolution, I thank her and I warmly recommend her. Both the methodology she used and especially her experience of guiding people to evolve are remarkable. Thank you very much, Adriana!

Iulian VeghesVP of Marketing Vivre DECO, lect. univ. dr. Universitatea București

Who is Adriana Boşcănici? Adriana is my mirror: she helped me see and understand that I am where I always wanted to be, that I fulfilled my desire to become a “big person/adult”, my desire of personal and professional evolution, that I no longer have to run, to aspire to the person I want to be, because I already am this person and I have been so for a ling time. I can stop searching, I can breathe deeply and I can rejoice, I can live fully, because I am the person I wanted to become. This is the most precious gift for me. Thank you, Adriana! That doesn't mean she didn't put me to work and gave me clear goals, homework, exercises - so I can see more clearly who I am, how important my values are to me, and how I can structure the way I interact with others so that I get good results, both for myself and my team.

Marilena Cirsteanumarketing omnicanal CORA Romania

Following the coaching sessions with Adriana, I learned: what is motivation, how to apply it, how to communicate hierarchically, how to resolve conflicts, how to respond to requests, how to overcome barriers, how to be better! My activity is starting to improve due to the fact that I know myself better after these sessions, I understood that people have different working styles, have different styles of perception of tasks, different styles of achieving goals, time is different for each and that's what I saw in my team members. I managed to see what motivates the team members. Now I know how to work on their motivation. I will practice motivation techniques to maintain the stability of the team in order to obtain monthly results. Settling and extinguishing conflicts in the team was one of the things learned and applied, as well as communicating and resolving various situations at the hierarchical level. I have improved my self-awareness and can now make decisions with more confidence and optimism.

Felicia SebeCORA Romania

What I gained from the coaching sessions with Adriana: I remembered the ideals and values I started with in life. I managed to put them in perspective and realize how they have changed over the course of my life: what is worth keeping and what is the baggage that stops my development, I had the courage to pave the way for honest relationships with my family, I gained control over the attitude with which I look at my professional life and my way in life, I trust my power to change and positively influence the people around me, I realized that I can deal with and solve on my own difficult situations that may arise, I can look with realism and ambition at my professional future, leaving aside fear and mistrust.

Raluca Baciu

I gained: a friend, a special relationship based on trust, self-confidence/more strength, love for myself and towards myself, something I had ignored until I had these sessions with Adriana, a new way of approaching people around me.

Anca GradinariuHR Director MagnaPharm Romania

Following the coaching sessions with Adriana, I gained: access to thoughts, emotions, feelings that I had but did not value enough and that led me to healthy decisions, a much greater flexibility in thinking and vision on the purpose of one's life, a feeling of freedom without constraints coming from inside me and for all this I thank you :)

Mihai BaciuBusiness Partner Trainart

The right decisions need the right answers. The right answers need the right questions. And for the right questions you need coaching with Adriana. Then the solutions, the options, the time and the strong teams will appear and evolve naturally.

Cătalina PetreHead of Procurement, Auchan Retail