Why Adriana Boșcănici Coaching?

As I have reached my early forties, I no longer wish to be liked or loved by others. I like and love myself enough. Thus, I can honestly and exclusively focus on what needs to be done in the moment. I can be myself, present 100% for you.

Less talking. More doing.
I challenge you, I ask uncomfortable questions, I will not let you ramble - all with the intent of working efficiently, of you having palpable results through specific actions.

Less talking. More doing.
This does not mean that we do not talk; yes, we do talk; but with the intention of envisioning future specific actions, not just with the intention of unburdening your personal load. I love the ride but I do wish to reach the destination.

Less talking. More doing.
It means that I measure my success and achievements through your success and achievements; as your coach and guide I am also responsible for your results.

Less talking. More doing.

You can use my expertise for:

Individual coaching

One-to-one coaching, dedicated to the clients' topics

Complex coaching programs

Team coaching


Free coaching demo session 

Ask me and we will schedule a free demo session so that you can see how I work or tell me about your situation and I will come back with several questions that might enable you to find the solutions on your own.